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Soulseek Clients

Nicotine-Plus is our fork of Nicotine. The Wiki / Trac is where development happens. Daelstorm's old Nicotine+ page.
Nicotine is Hyriand's original PyGTK2 Soulseek clients. You can read daelstorm'spropaganda for it (and against PySoulSeek) and a GUI guide.
Museek is Hyriand's original C++ Soulseek client / daemon. Museeq is the QT GUI.
Check out the FAQ, and Guide if you have any questions. If you are looking for a Curses client for Museek, Mucous is available.

Museek-Plus is a fork of Museek.
SoulSeeX is a native Mac OS X client. Looks really nice, too. Created by Sierracat.
PySoulseek The original wxPython Soulseek client, created by Alex Kanavin. PySoulSeek is also the codebase Nicotine was developed from.
Solarseek is an opensource MacOS X client.
Hyriand's PySoulSeek patches (discontinued) are user-interface enhancements that make pysoulseek even more feature rich.

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