4.3.2 Nicotine+ Settings: URL Catching

When some user gives an URL in Chat room or Private chat, Nicotine+ is able to open a browser and go to the given homepage.
This window allows you to choose which browser you want to use.

URL Catching only works in Chat room and Private chat, not in User info. Instead you can copy the URL given in User info by using CTRL + C and paste it in your favorite browser by using CTRL + V

Enable URL catching

Humanize slsk: // urls

Protocols handlers

allows you to choose which handler suppose to handle which protocol
Versions of Nicotine+ newer than no longer need the trailing &
Only one handler for each protocol can be used at a time.

Add new protocols & handler

Remove protocol & handler

"http" and "https" are for webpages, "ftp" is for FTP servers, Depending on which protocol you and your buddies use, you may wish to add other protocols.

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