4.2.3 Nicotine+ Settings: Transfers

Transfer settings allows you to configure how uploads are queued and what privileges you give to Buddies

Upload queue

If Uploads are sends at xx or more KBytes/sec then other uploads will be queued. (This is for dynamic upload slots)

Limit number upload

This option allows you to choose the maximum number of files that can be uploaded at the same time
1 user CANNOT download 2 files at the same time. When you limit uploads to 2 what happens is 2 users can download each one file, total of 2 files uploaded. When 3 users are downloading, 2 users can download while the third user has to wait.

Limit upload speed

allows you to choose at which speed file(s) gets uploaded
Unless you have some 10Mbit upload connection, there's no need for touching this option. Default option works fine. The case is that internet upload speeds are always cut down 2/3, if not even more.

Upload queue type

allows you to choose how you want to upload

Maximum queue

allows you to set a maximum queue in Megabytes.
when a user downloads more than 100 Megabytes of files, the files queued after the 100 Megabyte limit was reached will not be queued or transfered. Instead, the user will see the following message:
Remote: User limit of xx megabytes exceeded

Share friends only

enables only people who're in Buddy list to download your shares.
If you're going to use this option, make sure you put this in your User info.

Privilege all my friends

allows all users in Buddy list to download before everyone else.

Limit number uploads counts for this too.

If some users are downloading, and one Buddy starts downloading, he/she gets to download first. If you have limit uploads to 3 files, 3 users/buddies can download, while the 4th buddy has to wait.

Lock incoming files

allows you to lock incomplete files, so these cannot be downloaded
If you have the same Incomplete and Download directory, it's a good idea to keep this option checked.

Allow Buddies to send files

allows users in your Buddy list to send you files

Show Buttons in Transfers Tab

Shows shortcut buttons in upload/download tab. (see also chapter 5.4)

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