4.2.2 Nicotine+ Settings: Shares

Shares allows you to configure you Download and Shared files directories

Incomplete directory

Choose where the incoming files should be stored

Download directory

Choose where the finished files should be stored
If you want to sort out your downloads by moving files to their appropriate location, do NOT check "Share download directory", since Windows cannot move files while they're in use. (getting downloaded by others)
While moving files and leaving this option unchecked, you may get loads of messages from users asking where the file went? If you want to have a good way of keeping your collection sorted, so it's easy for you and others, browse users who share lots of files to see how they have sorted their collection. Watch, learn and do the same.

Buddy-only shares

Enable this option if you have files which people from your Buddy list only are allowed to download. (see chapter 5.9)

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