4.4.5 Nicotine+ Settings: Searches

Following settings allow you to have some default search queries.

Network searches

Sends out a maximum of xx results per search request
  • default is 50
For example: let's say you have 2898 wu family related files. When some user searches for "wu" or "wu tang" only the first 50 are send out to user who searches.

Your searches

  • Use regular expressions for filter in & out
  • Filter in
  • Filter out
  • Size
  • Bitrate set bitrate of (mp3, OGG, xx) you only want, 128, 192, 320 for example
  • Country set search results from countries you want, example: file has English title, but creator is from Netherlands.
  • Free slot displays users who have xx slotes open, for faster download start

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