4.3.1 Nicotine+ Settings: Interface

Interface settings allows you to configure some Interface option if you need to

Close buttons on tabs

If you want to have close buttons on tabs

Close-buttons on chat room tabs Close-buttons on private chat tabs

Show Buttons in Transfer Tabs

if you want GTK icons on buttons in down/upload tabs

Display Tray Icon

The trayicon in 1.2.7 and uses PyWin32

allows you to show Tray Icon when Nicotine+ is running.

Chat font

allows you to configure font-family, style and size used in Nicotine+ chat/private tabs

Decimal seperator

Icon and Sound Themes Directory

Icon Theme Directory

Select a directory with images and Nicotine+ will use it for online/offline/away/hilite indication.

Sound notification

Sound notification, when someone mentions your username
in public chatroom or PM's you. 2 different sounds are used.
If you want use sound notification, you need to meet Nicotine+ Optional Dependencies

Enable Sound Effect

if you don't want to use sound notification, you can uncheck it.

Sound Effect command

choose between play -q or ogg123 -q

Sound Effects Directory

allows you to choose your own sound for use of sound notification.

Chat colors

which color messages get displayed in Chat room or Private chat

Chat color settings are only for your comfort, other users won't see any of you configs.

Search colors

To make searching and downloading files easier, you can choose to color your search results see also chapter 5.5

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