5.6 Nicotine+ Getting Around: User info

User info is a window which shows information provided by some user and you request it.

1. Tabs

  • Every user from which you request info gets a tab with his/her name and status (Online/Offline/Away)

2. Self description

  • You can read what a user has to say about him/herself.

3. Image

  • An image the user wants to show you, it could be a wallpaper, avatar or any kind of picture

4. Buttons

User info doesn't have menu's, instead you can use buttons

  • Private chat will start a private chat with the chosen user.
  • Browse will load the user's files in the User browse tab, allowing you to view that user's shares.
  • Show IP will print the IP address and port that the user is connected to Soulseek with into the log window.
  • Add to list will drop that user into buddy list, where you can give them privileged status, add comments or even ban them
  • Ban will block that user from downloading from you and from viewing your shares
  • Ignore will make that user disappear from chat rooms and private chat
  • Save pic will save the user's picture (3)
  • Refresh will load info about current user again
  • Close will close current user info window

5. Information

This window displays some info about:

  • Total uploads allowed shows how many uploads at once the user allows.
  • Queue size how many files are in line to get uploaded.
  • Slots available shows how many upload slots are free.
  • Speed shows speed in Bits/sec.
  • Files Shared is the number of files shared.
  • Dirs Shared is the number of dirs shared.
  • When you "Refresh" user info the progressbar begins with 0 and when 100% filled it has finished downloading.

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