5.7 Nicotine+ Getting Around: User browse

When you successfully Browse a user's files you can see the results in User browse window.

1. Tabs

  • Every user which you Browse files gets a tab with his/her name and status (Online/Offline/Away)

2. Dirs

  • There you can see all the dirs a user is sharing

3. Files

  • When you click on a dir you see all the files that dir contains

4. Refresh

  • Will try to load the user's shares again

5. Close

  • Closes current shared files window of user

6. Search

Some users have so many files shared that manually searching through each directory is too much work.

  • Type in the name of a file or keyword you want to search for and hit the Enter key.
  • After every search you can hit Enter again to find the next file with the same name
Before you search, make sure you select the upmost dir shared. That way you search through every file shared.

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