5.5 Nicotine+ Getting Around: Search files

Search files window consist of a few parts. It may seem too much but get to know it, so you can get the most out of it.

1. Search field

  • Type in what you're looking for and hit enter or click on Search (4)

2. Saved searches

  • Information entered in Search field is saved to make filling out and searching easier

3. Search location

When one selected you get search results only from that area

  • Global will search everyone connected to Soulseek Network
  • Rooms will show you search result from everyone in rooms you're in
  • Buddies will show you search results from everyone in you Buddy list

4. Search button

  • Click on it to begin searching
Save time by hiting Enter after you fill out the search field!

5. Search tab

  • If you search for multiple media's, everything is sorted by tabs. Each tab gets it's name from what you're looking for

6. Enable filters

  • Search filters are quite handy... and checking Free slot will remove all the search results that have a queue
  • You can configure some filters for better search results.
  • Configure your own set of filters by going to "File ---> Settings ---> Searches"
  • Read more about Search filters by going to "Help ---> About search filters"

7. Search results

When you have search results you not only see file name but also more info about it:

  • Filename shows the name of file and extension
  • User shows which user is sharing
  • Size shows size of file in bytes ( 1 megabyte = 1 048 576 bytes )
  • Speed shows approximal download speed in kilobits p/sec.
  • In queue shows how many files are ahead of you
  • Immediate Download If you can begin downloading? Yes or No
  • Bitrate shows the files Bitrate, which is the quality... higher, the better and the bigger the file
  • Length shows how long the files plays in min:sec
  • Directory shows the path to file_name.xxx on users computer

Search results in the default theme colors are either black (for immediate download) or gray (queued, you have to wait)

8. Ignore button

  • If you get flooded by search results, which can happen with famous searches, you can use Ignore button to stop getting more search results
  • It doesn't stop searching!! You just don't get to see the results...

9. Close button

  • Closes current search session

10. Remember checkbox

  • The remember check box will make your search run continuously and between sessions. So, if you don't close the search, every time you start Nicotine, it will start searching again.
    • This is the same as Wish list in the windows client

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