5.3.1 Nicotine+ Getting Around: Private chat menu

  • Close closes the current chat session
  • Show IP address will print the ip address and port the user is connected to Soulseek with into the log window
  • Get user info will load the user's queue status, as well as the user's text and pictures, if any was added by that user
  • Browse files will load the user's files in the User browse tab, allowing you to view that user's shares.
  • Give priviliges you can give a user piority for downloading files, which means he/she doesn't have to wait before downloads starts
  • Add user to list will drop that user into buddy list, where you can give them privileged status, add comments or even ban them, if you wish
  • Ban this user will block that user from downloading from you and from viewing your shares
  • Ignore this user will make that user disappear from chat rooms and private chat
  • Client version shows users Nicotine version

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