5.8.1 Nicotine+ Getting Around: Interests menu's

Interests window has serval menu's. The use of interests can be quite confusing... But if you know it well, it can be one of the most usefull features of Nicotine+

Recommendation menu

When you click on "Global recommendation" or "Recommendation" button, you see a list in recommendation window (see item 4 of Interests)
Right mouse-click for this window looks like:

  • I like this will put the item in I like: window (see item 1 of Interests)
  • I don't like this will put the item in I dislike: window (see item 2 of Interests)
  • Recommendation for this item will load a recommandation list for chosen item
  • Search for this item will start a search for that item in Search window (you have to click manually on "search" button)

Similar users menu

When you click on "Similar users" button, you see a list in similair user window (see item 5 of Interests)
Right mouse-click for this window looks like:

  • Send message will start a private chat with the chosen user
    • nicotine 1.2.1 and below users have to click on private chat manually
  • Show IP address will print the ip address and port the user is connected to Soulseek with into the log window
  • Get user info will load the user's queue status, as well as the user's text and pictures, if any was added by that user
  • Browse files will load the user's files in the User browse tab, allowing you to view that user's shares
  • Give privileges allowing you to give other users your Soulseek Privileges you received by sending a donation to www.slsknet.org
  • Add user to list will drop that user into buddy list, where you can give them privileged status, add comments or even ban them
  • Ban this user will block that user from downloading from you and from viewing your shares
  • Ignore this user will make that user disappear from chat rooms and private chat

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