5.2 Nicotine+ Getting Around: Chatrooms

Chatroom is a big foundation which makes Soulseek network so different from other P2P. Soulseek really went back to the basic of sharing like it was meant to be. Nicotine+ has some extra features in Chat rooms window. We will discuss them here.

Chatrooms windows

1. Chat room log window

  • Here you can see who joins the rooms and who leaves and the time that it occured.

2. Chatroom

  • That's the chatroom itself... you can talk to other people and read what they say
  • The light-red tinted field is the field which you use to communicate
    • Type your message
    • Hit Enter

3. users-in-room-list

  • In Users in room list window you can see who's in the room, if he/she is online/away, connection speed and number of shared files. Right-click on a user to access their files, send them a private message or add or remove them from a user list.

4. room-list

  • In room-list window you can see most of the rooms that Soulseek has... Most rooms, when you log in, not all rooms are shown. 50 users online is required to get listed in the room-list. (Note: This a Soulseek Network requirment, NOT Nicotine!!)
  • If you want to see all the rooms:
    • point you mouse in the room-list
    • right-mouse-click
    • choose "Refresh"
  • You can join rooms by double clicking on them in the roomlist or by using the right click menu.
To access right click menu on, use ⌘ + mouse click

5. Log

  • Save this Chat Room's history to a log file

6. Auto-join

  • When selected, next time you start Nicotine you will join the room automatically.

7. Leave

  • Closes the room you're in

8. Create

  • You can create your own room! For family, friends or maybe if you want to share/build a community arround specifiek artist/intrest/hobby.
  • You can also use the create field to find a room...
    • When refresh of room-list is finished you type in the first couple of letters of the name
    • While you're typing the room gets selected
    • Double-click on it (NO ENTER!!)

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