5.9 Nicotine+ Getting Around: Buddy list

The last window in Nicotine+ is Buddy list. Altrough it's the last window it's as important as every other window. Not mainly for Nicotine+ but for users like you. You can keep a list of friends, family or just people who just made you happy with that one rare file you were looking for ages.

1. List

  • When you add a user through any of various menus or commands, it gets listed in this window.

2. Add

  • Add field you can use to add users manually to your Buddy list
  • Type a name and hit Enter

3. Statistics & Comments

  • The first column is a Status icon signifying if the user is online, offline, or away.
  • User shows the user's nickname.
  • Speed shows their average speed in Bits per second.
  • Files shows the number of shared files.
  • Comments shows comments like real name, email-address, name of a file you want... it can be anything you want.

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