5.1.2 Nicotine+ Getting Around, Basics, Tabs

Tabs are handy to seperate all the things you can do, so everything is clear and self explanatory. At the top you see tabs, each for function you can use..

  • Chat rooms lists all the rooms you're in
  • Private chat lists all the chat-sessions you have with friends, family and other users
  • Downloads lists all the files you're downloading, aswell from who, download speed, progress or when it's your turn to download
  • Uploads lists all the files you're uploading, aswell to who, upload speed and progress
  • Search files you can use to search for files aswell how long you have to wait and what speed you can download from a user
  • User info shows you info about a user that has provided more info about him/herself.
  • User browse lists all the windows which shows what other user have shared
  • Interest you can add your likes and dislikes, search for users with same like/dislikes. This option is handy if you are looking for rare files.
  • Buddy list shows a list of users. You can add comments for each user like email or what he/she is sharing

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