5.1.1 Nicotine+ Getting Around: Basics, Menu's

Nicotine has menu's other than menu's which can be viewed with right-mouse-click. The menu's are File and Help.

File menu

  • Connect connects you with the Soulseek Network
  • Disconnect breaks the connection with Soulseek Network (logs you out)
  • Away/Return can be used to let other userd know if you're behind the computer or not.
  • Check privileges
  • Show debug info shows everything Nicotine is doing in the background. It will get boring very quickly, unless you're a python programmer. You can see it in Log window.
  • Hide log window Hides the log window
  • Hide room list Hides chatroom list
  • Hide tickers Hides ticker in chatrooms, very useable in rooms with lots of users
  • Settings Opens Nicotine+ configuration window
  • "Rescan shares" If you move files while Nicotine is open, you can better Rescan shares once in a while without restarting
  • Browse my shares let's u see your own files as the way other user see it when they browse you
  • Exit Do I really have to explain this? :)

Most menu items can be used through shortcuts. Try to remember them, so you don't need to hunt and click with your mouse

Mode menu

  • Chat Rooms switches to Chat rooms window
  • Private Chat switches to Private chat window
  • Downloads switches to Downloads window
  • Uploads switches to Uploads window
  • Search Files switches to Search files window
  • User Info switches to User info window
  • User Browse switches to User browse window
  • Interests switches to Interests window
  • Buddy List switches to Buddy list window

Help menu

  • About chat room commands shows you a list of all the commands you can use in Chat room, more info
  • About private chat commands shows you a list of all the commands you can use in Private chat
  • About search filters shows tips on how to refine your searches
  • Check latest shows you if there is a new Nicotine version available and where to download it
  • About Nicotine shows Version and Credits

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