5.1.3 Nicotine+ Getting Around: Basics, Log window

Nicotine has a Log window, which stays there even if you switch Tabs.

  • Messages are send as follow: [time] message
    • [time] is when it happed
    • message can be anything, more info? see below
  • First time you connect you see a message which is send to your Nicotine by Soulseek Network.
  • After a while you see "[time] XXXX privileged users" which means there're XXXX users who have donated and get piority if they download.
  • If you have "show debug info" checked, you see what nicotine is doing in background. more about menu's
  • When some user Browses you files you see: [time] [user] is making a Browseshares request
  • When some user wants your user info you see:[time] [user] is making a Userinfo request
  • When download starts you see: [time] Download started: path/to/download/folder - file_name.xxx
  • When download finishes you see: [time] Download finished: path/to/download/folder/file_name.xxx
You can turn on/off debug info by going to "File --> Show debug info "

You can hide Log window by using Hotkey "Alt + H"
or going to "File --> Hide log winow"

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