5.1 Nicotine+ Getting Around: Basics

Finally after going through (hopefully) not too much hassle, you can begin sharing your world with friends, family and intresting people around the world. Nicotine is not difficult to understand as most of it is self explanatory.. Reading through the Basics you might discover something new and use it for your benefit.

After downloading, installing and configuring you're now a part of Soulseek Network. Nicotine+ can become one of your most used and valuable application you run... Getting to know it better has it's benefits in making life somehow easier and troubleshooting when hitting a problem...

Nicotine Tabs

As said before, Nicotine+ is pretty much self explanatory... At the top you see tabs, each for function you can use..

more info on tabs

Nicotine-Plus Status Icons



You can access a list of commands used in Nicotine by going to Help

Right mouse-click

Right mouse click is one of the most used feature in modern applications. In Nicotione+ right clicking the mouse is used quite often. Areas that have a right-click menu are:

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